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Two great online fibre exhibitions to inspire you while social-distancing

To save you from a creative lull, I'll show you two amazing exhibitions you can currently view online.

This global pandemic has us navigating some uncharted waters - many people are self-isolating, and not attending public events. Art shows, craft workshops (mine included) and exhibitions have been canceled. But there's still a way you can support your local fibre artist, and that is by viewing their work online - and buying it if you have the means. Either way, you're showing support. And to an artist that means so much.

Fibre artists have been largely under-represented in the art world, although this has been slowly changing. Galleries have cottoned on to what we have known all along: the fibre arts: weaving, making baskets, etc. are incredible, and so are the people who make art that fits within this realm.

Work by Nicole Robins, Glenese Keavney and Zimmi Forest currently on display at The Shac

Exhibitions you can currently view online:

The Woven Connections exhibition

Located at The Shac, Roberston, NSW in the Southern Highlands is showing until April 13th. It is a collection of works from Basketry NSW members demonstrating great diversity and skill. Exhibitors display a substantial use of fibres and innovative techniques.

Please take a look at the online catalog clicking on the link below and I’m sure you’ll recognise some names. Prices start from $90 and go to above $1000. https://www.theshac.com.au/woven-connections

The Space Within

This is being held at Sabbia Gallery, Redfern, Sydney until March 28, 2020

If you can visit Sabbia Gallery in person it will be relatively quiet and would meet the current distancing recommendations. However, if you can’t visit you can also view their online gallery with amazing work from nine professional artists. I visited this exhibition last week featuring some of the top names in this fibre art and was awe-inspired by the work. I’m sure you will recognise some of them too. https://sabbiagallery.com/exhibition/the-space-within/

Work by Paula do Prado, Tracey Deep and Nicole Robins currently on display at Sabbia Gallery

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