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Craft School Oz is all about connecting people to skills that unleash their creative side.  We truly believe that crafts like basketry and stitching are a wonderful way to connect with yourself creatively, slow down and take a breath, and make beautiful work in the process.

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Craft School Oz began, like all creative businesses, as an idea, that its founder Ruth Woods believed people would enjoy - and thankfully, she was right!

Craft School Oz is now in its tenth year of running creative workshops, now mainly online which means the workshops can be accessed globally. 


Ruth initially trained as a clothing designer in the UK, honing her skills with textiles and fashion companies . Upon arriving in Australia, she furthered her education, graduating from Box Hill TAFE with a Visual Arts Diploma then went on to complete a Bachelor of Adult Learning and Development at Monash University in Melbourne. She has been teaching for over 30 years in the creative field.


More recently, Ruth has produced a book about Sculptural Basketry and the use of plants - “Finding Form with Fibre”. This accomplishment further showcases her expertise in the field and her dedication to sharing knowledge. The book showcases fourteen fibre artists, includes a section on materials that can be used when creating sculptural basketry projects.


Through the workshops Craft School Oz offers and her book, they strive to foster creativity, inspire individuals, and create lasting connections among like-minded enthusiasts.


Join Craft School Oz on their creative journey and unlock your artistic potential in a warm and inclusive environment. Whether you're a seasoned craftsperson or a beginner eager to learn, Craft School Oz welcomes you to explore the world of crafts and discover the joy of creating something unique. 


Ruth continues to research deeper for her new books and develop more online workshops.

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