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You'll make this!

Basket making is an ancient practice across many cultures. Through millennia, baskets have been used for practical and decorative purposes - initially made from plant fibre localised to where they were made. Baskets can be made from many different materials.


Using the coiling technique I will teach you to make your very own baskets from three main material sources: textiles (fabrics and old clothes, such as a pair of denim jeans), natural raffia, and the traditional way; through plants you cultivate yourself. No matter the material, basket making is a wonderful craft you will always enjoy. It's highly addictive!


What is basket coiling? 

Basket coiling is the act of wrapping a material around a central core. This core we call a starter circle. To wrap the material you will use a stitching technique, which there are many. I will show you a range of techniques, and how each gives a different look to your baskets.

Below are some helpful step-by-step videos for you to help you start and finish a coiled basket. For further info on any of my popular basket-making courses, go here.

How to start a coiled basket (your starter circle)

How to start a coiled basket with denim 

How to finish off your coiled basket 

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