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Get ready to join us in our newest online course
Recycled Fabric Baskets

Join us in this innovative online course where you'll learn to make baskets and discover how to breathe new life into your old fabrics and repurpose clothing. It's not only about reducing waste; it's about transforming these materials into something quite beautiful.


Access - Our courses are available for you to access immediately; watch and learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever it's convenient for you. Once you enrol, you have unlimited access to the course. Revisit the lessons, practice your skills, and continue your creative exploration for as long as you desire.


With over two hours of lessons you will learn how to make a stunning basket using fabrics with the following five techniques: 

1. Wrapping Stitch: Learn the art of wrapping stitch with fabrics, turning everyday items into vibrant, funky recycled baskets or mats.


2. Scrappy Basket: Using smaller fabric scraps, ribbons, lace, cord, and other materials - coil them into beautiful, textured baskets uniquely crafted by you.


3. Fabric Cord: Discover the art of making your own fabric cord from strips of denim or other fabric pieces which can be used in various creative projects, including crafting a spiral-stitched basket.


4. Spiral-Stitch: Once you've crafted your fabric cord, explore the fascinating coiled spiral-stitch technique. Create intriguing coiled mats or baskets, showcasing your newfound skills in weaving and recycling.


5. Blanket stitch: Learn the blanket stitch technique using a variety of materials, from scrap fabric to denim and baling twine. This versatile stitch, previously featured in our Textile Basket Workshop, adds a unique touch to your creations. Explore the possibilities of combining different materials for stunning effects.


6. Resource List: Access our comprehensive downloadable resource list, a valuable guide to finding the materials you need to make your own basket. Packed with ideas and suggestions, this list will assist  you to unleash your creativity and explore these weaving techniques to the fullest.

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