Sustainable Craft

 We believe crafting should be as sustainable as possible.

Australia alone creates six thousand kilos of textile waste every ten minutes with most of it ending up in landfill (ABC, War on Waste).

To do our bit, we ensure we use natural or recycled materials where we can, and will show you how to use sustainable practices in your crafting.


Denim Basket Kit - with workshop

Everything you need to create a denim coiled basket. The kit includes access to the Craft School Oz extensive Textile Basket Workshop - over one hour of detailed video instructions which you can watch as often as you wish. Enough up-cycled denim to make an approximate 18cm/ 7inch diameter basket, cord for the core, various threads, and a large needle.  $110 AUD

Learn online

How to make a basket from fabric scraps - online course

How to make baskets from recycled fabrics. You'll learn to upcycle your fabric stash into beautiful DIY creations. This extensive basket weaving course is a comprehensive and fun way to start your basketry journey. Also suitable for people looking to grow their basket weaving toolkit. 

How to start a basket using denim

This video gives you the starting point to make a cool and beautiful basket using recycled denim. 

How to make a raffia basket

 online course

Learn how to make stunning baskets from raffia. This extensive popular online basket weaving workshop will teach you a range of techniques using raffia. Go at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home.


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