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Finding Form with Fibre 
"The modern basket makers must-have book" 

This stunning book has been years in the making. It is an exploration of modern basketry, a craft that has transcended from craft to art form. Its pages guide the reader through a visual journey of the works of fourteen Australian basketry artists. It is both a celebration of the creative voice each with basketry at its core.


The book is broken into 3 sections: 

  • Interviews with fourteen modern basketry artists 

  • A materials section with a detailed list of plants that can be used in your basketry practice 

  • A how-to section


Stunningly designed and illustrated, these pages serve as a compendium of beautiful makers, guiding the reader on a range of basketry techniques; some with an interesting twist on the traditional. It will invite the viewer to explore different mediums, plant fibres, and recycled materials to use in their own sustainable, creative practice.


Foreword by Lisa Cahill, CEO & Artistic Director of the Australian Design Centre 

"This book is a fantastic guide to practice: a starting point for new makers; a reference for established makers; and a pleasure to read for anyone interested in woven forms. The pages are filled with resources and ideas for the how to weave and the immense variety of materials to use".

The book is available through our website and Amazon and other online bookstores. If you'd like to stock the book in your shop please contact us for wholesale purchases. 

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