Learn the art of slow stitching 

Learn to create beautiful hand-made keepsakes while exploring the use stitching and patchwork. In this comprehensive online workshop, you will master a range of simple stitching techniques - you'll renew your fabric stash or old garments to create original pieces you will treasure.

What is Slow Stitching?

Slow stitching is an ancient practice although the term is relatively new. To slow stitch is to take time to mindfully create something new through stitching with needle and thread.  It's also fantastic way to use up those spare fabrics and old clothes!

Why we love stitching craft! 

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As we look towards the practices of yesteryear as a way to escape the busy-ness of modern life, stitching crafts are becoming increasingly popular - they allow us to calm the mind while unleashing our creative side! 

Slow Stitching and Creative Mending are stitching crafts that compliment each other beautifully. So much so, we've made you a Stitching Course Bundle so you can explore them both!

Slow Stitching uses stitching techniques, patchwork creativity to develop something new whereas Creative Mending lets you unleash your own style on the things you love: renew your favorite jeans or shirt with a range of fun visible mending techniques. 


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