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Slow stitching ideas!

There are so many projects that you can hand make using slow stitching! If you take 5 minutes you will be able to make a looooooong list! 🥰

Why take the time to make things by hand?

The items that you make by hand will be:

  1. Unique and personalised: you can make each item so unique and really tailor it to you, or the person you are making for - choosing colours, fabric in any size and designs.

  2. Of quality and more durable: You have complete control over the materials you choose to work with and the care and attention you put into your work will be second to none! It will be nothing like the mass produced alternatives out there.

  3. Have connection and meaning: making by hand can create a much deeper connection to what you are making - often when I make things for others I am thinking a lot about the person I making for and reflecting on the importance of them in my life.

What are some slow stitching ideas?

Here are nine creative slow stitching ideas I've tried and tested for you 🧵🥰🙌

1. A piece of artwork.

Slow Stitched Artwork! I must admit this is one of my favourite past times. This gives you free rein to create whatever you want. My only advice would be not to make your piece too big - start off small and create bigger as you get more into it.

"I use the thread to make and the textiles to paint. Slow stitch connects and is an extension of my abstract painting" - Jenny Davis

2. A stitch book.

Use this as a sampler of all the different slow stitches you know and learn along the way.

3. An insert for a garment.

Create a shape that is suitable to be inserted into a garment. Below is a square insert I handstitched as a feature on an old shirt. You can also stitch cuffs, a collar, pocket - let your imagination run wild!

A hand made and slow stitched insert for a garment

4. Deconstructed Jeans. 

Turn them into a book cover or bag! Jeans are so useful (and plentiful!) and denim is strong. Hot tip: using an existing pocket makes for less work. Below far right I have turned a coin pocket into a book cover. They are so beautiful when slow stitched.

5. A stunning slow stitched mandala.

Mandala patterns are lovely to work with as you are controlled by a circular shape which for some reason is (for me) extra therapeutic. Work your way around the centre using different hand stitches and colours.

6. Just stitch!

Practice slow stitching and see where your mind takes you! Even if I just play with stitches I can get lost in it for a whole evening. Afterwards I sleep like a baby. 👶💤

Here are some more slow stitching ideas on our YouTube Channel 📽️💓

7. Mending and patching.

The original use of hand stitching!

8. Darn jumpers and socks

I used to say I would never darn or slow stitch socks, but then I made a pair and was totally hooked. It was strangely fun and the result was the comfiest pair I'd ever owned. I just love the feel of them and now I only wear handmade socks. Because they take so long to knit - I darn them!

9. Make patches for a quilt.

Incorporate elements of slow stitching to your quilt squares to make a piece of art you can stay warm in!

There is SUCH a long list of what you could make! Some other slow stitch ideas are needle cases (like in the video), journal covers, coasters, table runners, wall art and SO much more!

Don't forget to share your progress and final images with us on Instagram using the hashtag #craftschooloz - we would love to see what you create! 💛🧵🪡😍

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15 comentarios

I'd like to try a mandala to disguise a discoloured area on a jumper I have.

Me gusta
Contestando a

That sounds like a really good idea. Please share when you've done it.

Me gusta

05 abr

I Love slow stitching, it is my obsession! I mostly do visible mends on my family’s clothes. Have also made a couple of bags, pot holders, key rings. The possibilities are endless really. Thanks for the inspiration!

Me gusta

04 abr

I love all of your ideas. I will start with a mandela.

Me gusta
Contestando a

Thank you - there are so many things you can do.

Me gusta

04 abr

Thanks for sharing your suggestions, they are all fabulous. I like the idea of a stitch journal which eventually could double as a needle holder.

Me gusta
Contestando a

Thanks - Yes that's one of my favourites - you can pick it up anytime.

Me gusta

03 abr

I sei tote bags with slow stich sleeves …thank you 😘

Me gusta
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