Creative Mending - renew your wardrobe with these fun mending techniques!

Creative Mending adds a fun twist to traditional mending techniques. It allows you to use a garment’s flaws – a tear, a rip, or a lost pocket – to create something uniquely yours.

Creative Mending gives you permission to play with designs, using spare fabrics and vibrant stitching as embellishment. It’s also a great way to reduce your environmental footprint.

You'll receive this complimentary Creative Mending workshop when you enrol in our super popular Slow Stitching course!

Why is mending important? In Australia alone the rise of fast fashion has meant that 6,000kgs of fashion waste is sent to landfill every 10 minutes. This is only one of the reasons why embracing crafts that encourage us to recycle is a no-brainer. And what's not to love about a craft that adds years of life to the clothes we love?

The mending movement is certainly having its moment, and for good reason: mending takes us back to a time before cheap clothes, to a time when we bought good quality garments that lasted - and we would repair them when they wore out.

Visible mending can be traced back to the Japanese art of Boro - today it's a style in itself - one that celebrates the imperfect. Frayed edges, rips, and hemming can now standout features, not something to be covered up. You only need to look online to see how mending techniques have exploded in popularity.


- a complimentary workshop when you enrol in our Slow Stitching course -

The Creative Mending online workshop teaches you a range of fun visible mending techniques that will add years to your wardrobe. It's also a great way to use that ever-growing fabric stash.

I don’t know about you but a craft that allows me to use inexpensive materials from my own stash is always a winner in my book - and, like all the crafts I teach I need to warn you that it’s highly addictive!

We will cover:

  • A range of basic stitches

  • Different types of patches

  • Repairing a crotch

  • Repairing using a sewing machine

  • Mending a rip

  • Darning a blanket

  • Darning socks

  • Hemming and patching a pair of jeans

  • Bias binding - its creative uses and how to make it

  • Along with lots of inspirational ideas

Using these mending techniques as a foundation, you’ll turn garment repairs into a stunning feature.

Those pants you wore to death will be given new life with gorgeous patching. Your favorite shirt will become a statement piece - you will love the ability to stamp your creativity on the things you love!

Creative Mending comes as a complimentary workshop when you enrol in this Stitching Bundle which includes my super popular Slow Stitching workshop. That's a comprehensive, self-paced craft workshop completely on me!

Make sure to show us your work! You can email us at create@craftschooloz or #craftschooloz

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