Making Baskets from plants 

Weaving baskets from natural plant materials is a magical process. It's an incredibly satisfying, grounding craft to have up your sleeve.  In our face-to-face and online Baskets from the Garden workshops we show you how to know what plants will work in basketry, and how to source them, and use them to create your own natural baskets.




This comprehensive, self-paced, three-hour workshop can be watched immediately and view as often as you like.

The course, Baskets from the Garden,  is all about using plants to create a stunning natural basket. The plants you use will all depend on where you live and what you have access to. Your teacher, Ruth, covers a variety of plants and discusses how you can use them.


You'll go over four groups of different plant fibres - (not botanical families). 

Which are:


  • Soft long, leafy plants

  • Leathery, thicker leaf plants

  • Woody stem plants 

  • Rushes and grasses 


The workshop covers, selecting, picking, drying and storing plants and then focuses on creating three different techniques of basketry. 


You will learn how to 

  • Coil a  basket using many different plant fibres 

  • Create a random weave basket using Mat Rush (Lomandra)

  • Weave a rustic basket using vines 


Also included are four downloadable PDFs and worksheets to keep for your reference 

  • Resource list of items required for the course

  • Plant Resource List

  • Hints and Tips for better basket making 

  • Workbook to document the plants you discover for basketry 

  • Access to your own private Facebook page.  A place you can share information about basket making with plants, and learn from others. 


Warning:  This craft can become extremely addictive! 

Priced in Australian dollars at $89 AUD 

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Our online Baskets from the Garden workshop is  here!

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