Making Baskets with Plant Materials

Weaving baskets from natural plant materials is a magical process. It's an incredibly satisfying, grounding craft to have up your sleeve.

Our online Baskets from the Garden Workshop is coming Spring 2020! Make sure you subscribe to be the first to know when it's live! In the meantime, get inspired with our gallery below!

Plants that make great materials for basket making

Baskets from the Garden Workshops Australia

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are yet to release new dates for this year's face to face workshops. Subscribe to our latest news to be the first to know when new workshops and online craft classes are released. 

These one-day workshops take place in the picturesque Alowyn Gardens, Yarra Glen within the stunning Yarra Valley region, only an hour out of Melbourne, Victoria. 


If you are from out of town, you must visit the Yarra Valley. It is full of things to do, this workshop is one of them! But there's also the region's wineries, markets, galleries, and delicious restaurants.

In this one-day workshop, we will explore the garden surrounds learning about plants that are used in basketry. Together we will create baskets, learning a range of techniques and stitches. A delicious lunch is supplied.

Basket weaving, across many cultures, has traditionally  been about using plant materials that grow locally. You will find that traditional baskets made in tropical climates will look different in colour and texture to those made in colder climates. Plant species can vary throughout the seasons also.  I've made a list of useful plants for basket weaving below. 

NZ Flax - Phormium  

Ginger Lily 

Sedge / Juncus / Carex 





other vines

Banana plants

Palm Inflorescence

Jacaranda leaf twigs 

Red Hot Poker





Baskets from the Garden Gallery 

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