Learn to make textile baskets from your fabric stash!

Use spare fabrics to make your own DIY baskets. Learn a range of techniques and styles that will have you weaving basketry magic in no time.


Our online textile basket workshop is a comprehensive online craft course suitable for all levels of basketry expertise. We also have kits that come with all the materials and tools you need to get started!


Face to face workshops: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are yet to release dates for this year's face to face workshops. BUT our online craft workshops and kits are always available.

Needle & Thread
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Denim basket making kit inc workshop


Learn to make a denim coiled basket with this complete basket making kit. 

The kit includes enrolment in our popular online Textile Basket Workshop and all the materials you'll need to create your own. 

Materials included:

  • A variety of denim pieces (enough to make an approximate 18cm / 7inch diameter basket)

  • Cord 

  • Threads 

  • A large sewing needle

  • Access to our Online Textile Basket Workshop

You'll make this!



Why upcycle your spare fabric?

Here at Craft School Oz we try and be as sustainable as possible. That means using only sustainable materials, and recycling and upcycling where we can!


Using materials you have at hand in any craft project is the best way to craft. Australians alone send some 6000kg of textile waste to landfill every ten minutes. In the USA it's estimated that a further 21 billion pounds of textile waste goes to landfills every year. 

We'll show you how to use what you have to make something beautiful, and have loads of fun while you're doing it. 

Textile Basket Making Gallery 

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