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Where to find recycled materials for basket making

Crafting doesn't need to be a trip to the store for lots of new packaged items. That's the beauty of this craft - you can use mostly recycled materials you or someone you know already has. I am always on the hunt for things I can upcycle and use in my projects.

For textile baskets, I am forever looking in thrift stores or my own fabric stash for materials. I cut these into strips of 2cm wide and various lengths. I then bunch each colour group together in little bags (see the image on the left).

Below I've listed what you can use for the core and stitching thread of your textile baskets, most of which you will already have in your craft stash or you might even find some in your garage!

The core (the inside bit)

  • most types of rope

  • leftover macrame cord

  • electrical wire,

  • plastic vegetable bags,

  • plastic tubing

  • baling twine

  • thin strips of material - Jeans & old tee shirts are great!

The stitching thread

  • Any type of general household string

  • leftover wool

  • crochet cotton

  • knitting yarns,

  • embroidery threads.

  • kitchen twine

Tips on how to find your recycled materials

(if you're not a crafter)

  • Ask your crafty friends if they want to get rid of any of their fabric stash

  • Look in your wardrobe and find some old clothes. Jeans and old t-shirts are great!

  • Do you have kids at school? Ask the art department if they have any fabric scraps they no longer want

  • Ask on a Facebook craft group

  • Know of any local sewers or clothes makers? I recently found a small business and scored a heap of materials

  • This may sound strange, but do you know someone who keeps horses? A farmer? Ask then to save the baling twine that is tied around the hay.

The baskets below are made out of recycled denim jeans, sari silk, upholstery fabric, and old t-shirts. For the stitching threads, I used old wool and threads I had in my stash. They came up so vibrant and looked so nice when arranged together. When you start making baskets, you won't stop at one. Trust me, you'll make and make - until you have a full gamut of colours and sizes. They're great for gifts too, your friends will love them!

I'll show you how to make simple, recycled textile baskets from scratch in our online Textile Basket Workshop. You'll be raiding your cupboards for materials in no time, and making beautiful pieces you'll be so proud of!

Enrol in our Textile Baskets Workshop here.

See our other online workshops we have on offer including bundles with great discounts. here

Have you been making baskets from our online workshop? Would you like to share your work with us? We'd love to see what you've made and show them on our blog.

Don't be shy! Contact us at

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