How to make a raffia basket

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

I often feel a tiny bit of jealousy when someone tells me they've just learned to basket weave. I remember the feeling of discovering this craft well. It's pure joy, quite frankly.

Learning to make your first basket is the beginning of a love affair with a wonderful craft you will hold on to for life. It's a practice that you will turn to for:

  • something fun to do that doesn't involve a device or spending lots of money! Clap to that!

  • a distraction from life's stresses that is calming and mindful, a real connecting of your body and mind through the practice of doing

  • an anecdote for when you feel that niggle of creative energy.

When I made How to make a raffia basket Part 1 we had no idea how popular it was going to become. People sure do like learning to basket weave! Many of you sent pictures of your wonderful work. There were so many questions to my inbox asking me about how to make shapes, patterns, bags, etc, that I barely took a breath before creating Part 2.

How to make a Raffia Basket Part 2 has been specifically designed for those who have completed our first online raffia workshop as there are foundation skills you will need in order to take this advanced class. If you haven't done the first course and feel you aren't at the level needed to make more complex patterns and shapes, we have a course bundle that gives you both courses with a huge discount.

What this course will cover:

- Oval baskets

- Shaping your basket around a form such as a bottle or a container

- Creating colored patterns

- How to make the cutest rectangular mini bag

- How to make cord or string

- More handles, and also how to incorporate straps into your work.

How to make a raffia basket Part 2 will see you up your basket making toolkit to a whole new level. You will be able to combine what you learn from the first and second workshops to create a seriously beautiful body of work.

Get making! You ARE creative.

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