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Confessions of a serial crafter: I am a hoarder of unfinished objects (UFOs)

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

When we craft, we are mostly about the end result: that beautiful piece you get to put your name to, the woven basket, or the intricate stitchwork you bought into the world from scratch, using your maker’s hands. It’s up there with one of the best feelings in the world in my humble opinion.

But what about all those DIY craft pieces that never get to the end? The ones you start but never finish? The baskets that never make it. The stitch work that just didn't vibe.

This happens to me more than I’d like to admit.

I start every idea for a craft piece with the same creative rush, followed by the impulsive collecting of materials. Ah, the joy of anticipating making something using my hands! Yet every now and then I’m left with a half-finished piece I might never look at again. There are times when I won’t even get past the gathering of materials phase, and spare fabrics and fibers will sit in a drawer for years.

This is a picture of unfinished craft projects. There's some stitchwork, raffia and textile baskets all in different colours
UFOs everywhere! They look great in a flat lay though.

To be honest, my studio is littered with unfinished objects, which are called UFOs in the world of craft. You might have thought it strange I was referencing the extraterrestrial in a craft blog, so there you go!

People that are nodding their head in agreeance as they're reading this will know: you’ll always find UFOs, these little reminders of your lack of follow-through when you’re cleaning. I was cleaning out my studio a while back – something I hadn’t done in a million years – when I began to notice all the work I’d started and never actually finished. It was everywhere! What on earth was wrong with me? Did I really have that many projects I never got to the end with? So many good intentions, fabrics, and materials stowed away in every corner of the room.

Deary me.

All those times I walked into an op-shop (thrift store) and bought linens, shirts, any fabric that took my fancy with the intention of making a quilt, hand stitching project, basket, etc. flashed before my eyes. I was a craft project hoarder! A hoarder of UFOs!

In trying to decrease my stash I began to put my textile basket workshops together, knowing that lots of us crafters would be in the same boat. Who doesn't like to upcycle, amirite!?

I also began to repurpose my UFOs one by one, and with some, I made it to the end. I had a year where I gifted many friend’s little hampers with lots of UFO turned recycled baskets and stitched book-covers and cards. Something I still do when I have the time.  

After my studio clean out it dawned on me that I could now begin a new collection of unfinished craft projects until my next studio cleanout in the year 2045.



If you're in ISO and feeling crafty, please do check out my online workshops here.

Here's a sneak peek of the Textile Basket Workshop:

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