Celebrating all crafty Mothers this Mother's Day

My mother was a brilliant seamstress. I remember the whirring sound of her sewing room. She would sit behind her industrial sewing machine, her soft hands moving in rhythm like she was part of the machine itself. Anything my mother created was perfectly made – seams, pockets, buttons – not a thread out of place. Her hand sewing was also impeccable.

My mother taught me so many crafts, sewing, cross-stitch, embroidery for starters. The skills she handed down to me, set me on a trajectory to the avid maker I am today. Even the way I make baskets is inspired by Mum in a way.

It’s so often women who craft, and women who pass down their skills to others; women who took the time to teach, listen and impart their craft skills - skills that many of us carry till this day.