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Meet the Makers: Lisa McClure

Updated: May 25, 2021

I cannot tell you the joy I get from speaking to people that have caught the creative bug. This month I spoke to creative, Lisa McClure about her basket-making journey - and although she's a newbie to the craft (and our lovely Craft School Oz Community) she's produced some absolutely gorgeous results.

'I started making baskets last year. We were in the midst of Melbourne's extensive lockdown when Ruth’s online tutorials inspired my craft obsession. It was the perfect pastime.

I lost my lovely husband three years ago. My family has had a tough few years. I live with our 3 wonderful teenagers in Melbourne’s inner east - it’s a bit of a madhouse with too many pets and a large garden. I work part-time in a fabulous providore in Fitzroy. Needless to say, there’s not a lot of time for planned creativity.

In a way, my creativity was largely stymied for a long time. During the lockdown, I had plenty of time for reflection. Anxiety had bubbled and risen, and the boredom had cast a blanket over us all. Basket-making was a godsend.

Stitching keeps me in the moment - it's a methodical, careful process that creates beauty and purpose. It tempers my anxiety. It is a tactile, calming process akin to meditation.

"Basket-making was a godsend"

I’m new at making baskets but I'm just loving the creative outlet. I enjoy the natural colour palette that creating them brings. I've found such pleasure in the simplicity of this ancient craft.

Environmentally speaking, upcycling really appeals to me. So, making textile, coiled baskets really hit the spot! I love using, cherished bits of fabric I find.

I find the textile basket technique the most challenging, but I’m still learning. The pieces I’ve made are very special to me and make lovely, much-appreciated gifts.

'Environmentally speaking, upcycling really appeals to me. So, making textile, coiled baskets really hit the spot!'

I also love raffia. I'd never used raffia before, but it's a wonderful natural fiber. I love the texture and the rustling sound it makes when you are stitching with it. I've had fun with trying colours and techniques and have even managed to stitch some old bottles into vases.

Below are some more images of Lisa's work. Give her a follow on Instagram! Her profile is

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