Slow Stitching Workshops


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are yet to release dates for this year's face to face workshops. Our online craft workshops and kits are always available though!

In our online Slow Stitch Workshop, we will go over a range of simple hand stitching techniques, exploring the use of fabric to make a piece of art, a stitched journal, or a bag. You'll learn how to upcycle old clothes or fabric from your fabric stash to create beautiful hand-made keepsakes you can treasure - get inspired with our slow stitching gallery below!

What is Slow Stitching?

Slow stitching is an ancient practice although the term is relatively new. To slow stitch is to take time to mindfully create through stitching with needle and thread. Slow Stitching is also used as a way to mend clothing in a creative way. 

Many traditional crafts such as slow stitching are having a moment. Crafters and none crafters are returning to these ancient practices, realising that using your hands to make and create is a wonderful tool to calm the mind and engage the creative senses. 

SLow Stitching Gallery