Weaving a basket from recycled fabrics:

our most popular online basket making workshop! 

Most crafters will have loads of spare fabrics stashed somewhere. If you're anything like me, each piece had good intentions. You were meaning to make that shirt, and you still have that amazing pattern for those pants, but life got in the way, right? 

It was this predicament that started me making use of my spare fabrics in other DIY craft projects - and eventually, making beautiful DIY baskets. Weaving baskets (also called coiling baskets) from recycled fabrics is now one of my all time favourite things to do. Like hand stitching and knitting, it can be meditative, and so good for the creative soul!


There's just something so relaxing and wholesome about DIY craft; creating something from scratch that looks incredible in your home. Woven baskets are also beautiful as gifts. 

What I love just as much as the handmaking aspect of basket weaving, is the sustainability aspect. Basket making is by far one of the most eco-conscious DIY crafts out there. Your beautiful basket starts out as textile waste (hello spare fabrics) and when you're finished, they're upcycled into something vibrant and new. If you're already a crafter with tools, you really shouldn't have to buy anything. 


You will need:

  • A good pair of scissors

  • A tapestry or darning needle

  • Twine or rope

  • You may use a tape measure if you wish but it's not necessary 

  • Spare fabrics (2-3 colours minimum I think tends to look best)

Hot tip: you can use old clothes or things you pick up at a thrift store if you

aren't a fabric hoarder like me.


To prepare your recycled fabric:

Cut fabric into strips of about 2cm (1inch) at about 40-60cm in length.

Put each colour in its own pile. 


Now you are ready to create your very own DIY woven basket from recycled materials.

Lucky for you our most popular basket making workshop is now online!

To help you really understand the process of coiling your own woven baskets, I have made this comprehensive online workshop. It won't just have you making baskets, it will have you LOVE making baskets. I have put all the tips you need to really hone a lifelong creative skill - they're lessons I have learnt from years of teaching people in craft schools and at my DIY craft workshops across Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.


Remember, we will be adding to our list of online creative classes in 2020 so, make sure you sign up to become a member of our crafty community to be the first to know when they launch.


A handmad woven basket made from fabric