Creative Mending - a new online workshop!

Creative Mending adds a fun twist to traditional mending techniques. It allows you to use a garment’s flaws – a tear, a rip, or a lost pocket – to create something new and unique.


Using a range of stitches and patching techniques you will mend your clothes - adding your own style and creativity to give new life to the things you love! 

What is Creative Mending?

Unlike traditional mending, where you would use hidden stitches to cover mistakes, Creative Mending gives you permission to play with designs, using spare fabrics and vibrant stitching as embellishment.


Mending is a great way to reduce your environmental footprint. It allows you to hold onto the clothes we love by extending the life of our wardrobe. It’s also a great way to use spare fabrics. 

The joy of stitching crafts

Slow Stitching and Creative Mending are stitching crafts that compliment each other beautifully. We've made you a Stitching Course Bundle so you can explore them both!

Slow stitching uses stitching techniques and patchwork to create something new.  I can show you how to make a small bag, a book cover or a purse.


Creative mending is a style of visible mending, which uses stitching techniques and patchwork to mend the things we already have: jeans, an old shirt, or a pair of socks.


Mindful craft activities like these are so much fun, and skills you will carry for a lifetime. 

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