How to make a raffia basket

(a comprehensive and fun online workshop!)

Discover how to make beautiful baskets using raffia. How to make a raffia basket is a fun, comprehensive craft tutorial you will love. Learn a range of basket coiling techniques and stitches, as well as how to weave around forms. Get inspired with our raffia basket weaving gallery below!

Raffia Basket Face to Face Workshops: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are yet to release dates for this year's face to face workshops. Our online craft workshops and kits are always available though!

This basket making kit includes everything you need to make a large raffia tray with leather handles. Your tray will measure 34cm wide x 4cm high (See pic!). 


Please note: When you place an order, simply use the Notes Section to let us know the colour names and how many of each you would like (maximum of 5 colors in total).

Why is raffia ​so popular in basket weaving?

Weaving baskets from Raffia is a fabulous pastime. Raffia is also a very underrated fiber in my opinion. It was very popular in the ’90s to make raffia hats but that's enough of showing my age. Raffia is a wonderful material to use in basketry and it's easy to use too.  

What is raffia?

Raffia is a natural material that is perfect for basket making. It comes from the leaves of the Raffia Palm usually grown in Madagascar. It is strong, pliable, and nice to use on your hands. You can dye it using natural and commercial dyes, and use it for many purposes. You can use paper raffia (not actual raffia). Although nothing beats the real deal. 

My go-to craft stockists for good quality, florist grade raffia are String Harvest or The Raffia Connection. Both offer local and international shipping at reasonable rates. 

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